Update on Availablility of Apoquel

April 18, 2014

Dear Concerned Dog Owner,
Zoetis would like to explain to you why your veterinarian is unable to provide APOQUEL® (oclacitinib tablet) for your dog at this time. Because of high demand, and despite the best efforts of our company, orders for APOQUEL continue to exceed the level of supply. We now know that APOQUEL may not be widely available to patients until mid-2015.

A top priority continues to be to ensure that as many patients as possible that are currently being treated with APOQUEL can receive the medicine without interruption. We are very sorry to say that, because of the demand, and despite our best efforts, not even all dogs who originally received this new treatment option will be able to continue on APOQUEL in the near future.

Zoetis is working with our Manufacturing and Supply group to increase APOQUEL production in a manner that ensures the highest product quality. However, a novel medicine such as APOQUEL requires a complex, time-consuming manufacturing process. Your veterinarian continues to be the best source of care for your dog’s individual condition.

Please be assured that we will notify your veterinarian immediately when APOQUEL is available for their clinic. We regret the inconvenience this supply challenge has caused you. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work hard to make APOQUEL available to all dogs who need it as soon as possible.
Steven Leder
Senior Vice President, US Companion Animal Division,