Our Facilities

Cortlandt Animal Hospital is a modern state of the art facility including a new surgical suite. Our equipment is updated often in order to best diagnose your pet’s problem and ensure his or her safety when surgery is necessary.  We use EKG and pulse oximetry to monitor anesthesia and pain medication to speed recovery and to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. In addition however, Cortlandt Animal Hospital has several specialized pieces of equipment.


The Companion Therapy Laser® System is the new leader in advanced high power laser therapy resulting in a greater number of photons, greater depth of penetration and shorter treatment times than other LED and Laser Therapy Devices. Read more about the Companion Therapy Laser.

Laser therapy is the only course of treatment that actually stimulates the body to heal from within. Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body and absorbed by the injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in increased circulation from the body, an anti-inflammatory reaction, relief from pain and an acceleration of the healing process.


Our new Digital X-ray unit has enhanced the quality of the images we take and allows us to obtain images within seconds.  That means quicker evaluation and quicker diagnosis!  Digital Images can also easily be e-mailed to specialists when needed.


This Laser is used in surgery to decrease pain, bleeding and inflammation, thus increasing the patient’s level of comfort and decreasing healing time.  We use this procedure for all feline declaws, eliminating the use of a tourniquet and bandages thus reducing the length of hospitalization.  It is ideal for surgery inside of mouth and virtually all soft tissue mass removals.  Dr’s Berk and Wallace are trained in the use of the laser.


It allows the doctor and client to view the ear canal, ear drum, and associated structures under magnification.  Procedures that would have required major surgery can now be done with minor surgery by direct visualization with the video otoscope.  Many chronic, painful ear problems have been cured with the help of this piece of equipment.  All of the doctors have been trained in the use of the video otoscope.


With our state of the art hematology and chemistry analyzer, we can obtain blood work including CBCs, blood sugar, kidney and liver function tests, within 20 minutes.


Our X-ray unit allows us to identify the specific area that is causing the patient’s problem.  The unit includes almost everything  our  human dentists use.  This enables us to visualize root abscesses and other destructive or infections processes involving the teeth and jaws.  The unit is also useful for x-rays on small pets.